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Tyler Weinrich

Passionate and relentless problem solver. Love the mix of psychology, tech, sales, marketing, and research that is product management.

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Michael Kindrat-Pratt


Manager of SeedStep Angels - network of accredited Oklahomans who invest time, talent and capital into regional, high growth opportunities.

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Samuel Shreder

Founder of OurOpinionCounts.org, Nonprofit Fundraising Coordinator

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Luke Woodard

Developer and Architect. Co-Founder of @joinspeaker-1 and LiveClassTech. Co-Creator of Tweetclaims.com. Other startups involved in are PigeonMe and Idea Gateway.

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Ryan Laughlin

Founder @classmind. Strong business, management, tech, & design background (#1 PM firm, Fortune 200). 1st web startup in 2001. Multiple degrees.

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Nathan Phelps

Founder @healthleap • Worked at @vitals-com, @jboss • Studied at @texas-christian-university

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Justin Briggs

CEO of Baton by Chorus Labs. 10yrs building technology co's across #biotech, #software

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Jeremy W. Greenfield

Founder of Hashtack. Investor in SterraClimb. Investor in AppTank. Investor in 2/3A O&G. Sold Dynasty Drilling in 2012. Serial Entrepreneur. People Connector.

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Luke Crouch

Web Developer for Mozilla; collaborator on @tulsawebdevs, @200okconf, @codefortulsa, and @codesyio; home-brewer; soccer fan; amateur mystic

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Zaz Floreani


Diggin' big ideas, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. Dir of Corp Dev at a Texas startup. Wife of a Texas entrepreneur.

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Founder of @pop-aut-popaut

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Jack Sivak

Programs robots by day, programs everything else by night.

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Dalton Kern

Undergraduate at University of Oklahoma; visiting student at Peking University; worked as Process Improvement Consultant.

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Katie Amos

Motion Graphics student at OSU; Co-Founder/Designer of Koala Tea Web Development; Graphic Design for Institute for Creativity & Innovation; Freelance design.

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nick berghall

Looking for opportunity

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Nathan Lunsford

Graduating design student seeking full-time position in experiential design.

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Patrick Henshaw

COO @getstrap. Airborne Ranger turned Entrepreneur. Leader of teams through the company level with roles in managing teams/programs with budgets of $36 Billion.

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David Henry Purdie

Communications/Marketing Intern, Consumer Engagement Intern at Fleishman-Hillard, Student Affairs intern

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John Beier

Master's graduate from Cambridge. Have interned at Sandia National Labs and Lockheed Martin

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JulesDylan Stuer

CTO, @Preferred Privacy LLC

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Sandip Patel

Cofounder and CEO of @cage. In a previous life, COO of an e-learning company. Graduate of OSU (with emphasis on Marketing, Finance, and Management).

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Rickey Vick II

Founder [email protected] • Worked at @state-farm-insurance • Studied at @fresno-pacific-university

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Bobby Cleveland Norman OK

The current Cleveland County Republican Party Chairman and a small business owner, Bobby Cleveland aims to represent the people of Oklahoma’s House District 20.

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roger roach

self-taught hacker (of the non-"angelina jolie H4xx0rz" variety); Extensive knowledge of go, plan9, and linux related technologies; Rarely ever goes outside;

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Sunil Bangalore Krishnappa

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Matt Floyd

Team member of @matt-floyd-1.

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Gayla Kizer

I have over 10 years of experience as a Customer Service Representative.

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Frances Danger

Consumer Advocate. Sock Enthusiast. Charity Fundraiser. Blogger.

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Steven Tipton

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Matt Blackwell

Husband, father, friend, runner.

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Shane Kempton

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Brad Rosenthal

CEO of @failsafe-hazmat-compliance. Designed websites and technology for the energy and travel industries for 20 years.

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Dustin DeMoss

Learning iOS Development currently

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Eric Dareaz

Founder King Karah • Worked at @uproar-incorporated • Studied at @five-towns-college

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Tiera Vanco


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Jake Rambo

CEO of Line5 Design. Web Design and Development firm based in Oklahoma. Very strong design and development skills. Understanding of usability and web standards.

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Kerry Holton

Founder Holton Energy Services

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Christopher Gromek

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Katrina Hughes

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Mautia Hall

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praveen kumar allaka

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