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ID 37101

Nathan Phelps

Founder @healthleap • Worked at @vitals-com, @jboss • Studied at @texas-christian-university

ID 114744

Steven Tipton

ID 260569

Luke Crouch

Web Developer for Mozilla; collaborator on @tulsawebdevs, @200okconf, @codefortulsa, and @codesyio; home-brewer; soccer fan; amateur mystic

ID 340775

Jack Sivak

Programs robots by day, programs everything else by night.

ID 195545

Shane Kempton

ID 87440

Luke Woodard

Developer and Architect. Co-Founder of @joinspeaker-1 and LiveClassTech. Co-Creator of Tweetclaims.com. Other startups involved in are PigeonMe and Idea Gateway.

ID 356007

Dustin DeMoss

Learning iOS Development currently

ID 473062

roger roach

self-taught hacker (of the non-"angelina jolie H4xx0rz" variety); Extensive knowledge of go, plan9, and linux related technologies; Rarely ever goes outside;

ID 279264

Jake Rambo

CEO of Line5 Design. Web Design and Development firm based in Oklahoma. Very strong design and development skills. Understanding of usability and web standards.

ID 441509

John Beier

Master's graduate from Cambridge. Have interned at Sandia National Labs and Lockheed Martin

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