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ID 158592

Justin Briggs

CEO of Baton by Chorus Labs. 10yrs building technology co's across #biotech, #software

ID 87440

Luke Woodard

Developer and Architect. Co-Founder of @joinspeaker-1 and LiveClassTech. Co-Creator of Tweetclaims.com. Other startups involved in are PigeonMe and Idea Gateway.

ID 161869

Ryan Laughlin

Founder @classmind. Strong business, management, tech, & design background (#1 PM firm, Fortune 200). 1st web startup in 2001. Multiple degrees.

ID 114744

Steven Tipton

ID 246182

Samuel Shreder

Founder of OurOpinionCounts.org, Nonprofit Fundraising Coordinator

ID 10703

Brad Rosenthal

CEO of @failsafe-hazmat-compliance. Designed websites and technology for the energy and travel industries for 20 years.

ID 37101

Nathan Phelps

Founder @healthleap • Worked at @vitals-com, @jboss • Studied at @texas-christian-university

ID 58798

Matt Floyd

Team member of @matt-floyd-1.

ID 118559

Sandip Patel

Cofounder and CEO of @cage. In a previous life, COO of an e-learning company. Graduate of OSU (with emphasis on Marketing, Finance, and Management).

ID 195545

Shane Kempton

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